To all concerned parents and friends of women living as consecrated members of Regnum Christi…

Proposal for those interested in the women of 3GF:

Consider the following:

  • Women who have been consecrated as third degree members of Regnum Christi consider themselves brides of Christ;
  • These women have left everything behind to follow Christ completely;
  • They embraced the evangelical counsels in good faith and have inspired many with their sincerity of heart;
  • Their lives are spent praying and working for the Kingdom of Christ in various apostolates;
  • Whether or not their families understand their dedication, they will not turn their backs on their promises to God and want to continue to serve Him where He calls;
  • These women exude joy, peace, and zeal for souls – and must be given an opportunity to continue in their excellent work.

The Church has brought certain concerns to light:

  • There have been enduring concerns about the founder of Regnum Christi;
  • These concerns have been investigated to the degree that the Pope has restricted his public activity and called him to a life of penance;
  • Enough doubt exists as to his sanctity and motivations that many are gravely concerned;
  • The person of the founder, Marcial Maciel, is the model of sanctity for members of Regnum Christi;
  • Consecrated women are limited in their meditations to the Gospels and the writings of the founder;
  • Any criticism of the founder within 3GF is forbidden, on pain of penance or discipline;
  • The disciplinary action towards the founder is understood by members as an unjust cross requiring heroic forbearance – no other interpretation is allowed;
  • Thus the 3GF find that their generous and complete gift of self to the Church must be refracted through the person of Maciel in order to continue and bear fruit.

ReGAIN proposes the following:

  • Since many parents, family members, and friends love these women and want to support their vocation; and
  • Since these consecrated women know in their hearts that to leave the Movement and come home is to deny Christ and to betray a vocation; and
  • Since their fidelity to the Church is paramount and the driving force in their good work; and
  • Since the Vatican communiqué itself noted: Independently of the person of the Founder, the worthy apostolate of the Legionaries of Christ and of the Association ‘Regnum Christi’ is gratefully recognized,

ReGAIN hereby asks all concerned to prayerfully consider petitioning Rome to create an institute of consecrated life particularly dedicated to allowing the 3GF’s to continue their spousal service of Christ the King in an atmosphere that respects and supports the most excellent service they offer to God and the Church while allowing them to focus more completely on Christ, the sacred traditions of the Church, and the canonical boundaries that the Church offers for the good of all.

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