Some Dissenting Opinions In The Legion – A Current Legionary Sends An Anguished Call to His Brothers

10 Reasons Not to Believe In The Legionary Hierarchy
Andres Beltramo in Sacred and Profane in Mexico has quoted a current Legionary priest, who has given 10 reasons not to believe in the Legion of Christ. This was written anonymously and at first was intended only for circulation among other current Legionary priests. Sacred and Profane was authorized to publicize this inside story about the Legion being now a hotbed of viewpoints.

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The writer has identified that the major superiors have shown that they are unable to think for themselves. They have shown no indication that they intend to change except where they are forced to by the media or by the Vatican. For those Legionary priests who have welcomed change, the reform process to date the provisions and decisions of the Holy See continue to be seen as arbitrary, hasty, superficial and of relative value as well as open to interpretation?. The Legion leaders have shown a will to maintain secrecy, squelch all critical thinking and continue the manipulation, arrogance and deceit that was initiated by the founder.

After all this time, the old leaders all remain in place and many of them continue tocanonize Marcial Maciel. They continue to interpret Velasio DePaolis’ call for fidelity to the constitutions as Vatican approval of everything they have been doing. The Legion leaders seem to be in denial regarding the Church and the Pope defining the founder as an unscrupulous false prophet, devoid of religious sentiment. They continue to promote the belief that all instructions from superiors are to be seen as the voice of God and to encourage the fear that being unfaithful to the Legion could result in damnation.

The writer says that the rank and file in the Legion seeks to have clarity and transparency but those who attempt to think freely run into a wall of steel that causes them to feel powerless.

The unknown writer had believed that there would be an exodus from the Legion and that this is already in process. Some have left while others remain hoping that there will be real change.

ReGAIN Comment:

The Legionary priests who were hoping for real change aren’t the only ones who have been disappointed by the reform process to date. For ex LC’s and ex RC’s and for family members and loved ones of current LC’s and RC’s it has been frustrating and agonizing to watch the rescuers seemingly become the cheering section for the Legion.

The powers that be in the Legion and Regnum Christ have shown that they are incapable of reforming their ways and instead they intend to reassert the old ways a la Maciel, including secrecy, information and behaviour control, manipulation, deceit, instilling fear of leaving and spiritual malformation. They have shown no intention of recognizing the issues regarding freedom of conscience, following a false prophet, lack of unique charism and developing a healthier environment.

Is the Vatican giving the Legion leaders enough rope to hang themselves? There are several other obvious possibilities that we would prefer not to consider because they indicate a much deeper problem in the Church.

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