Sex, Abuse, Money and Lies – The Fall of Fr. Maciel

A rather blunt article, although quite critical of the way the Church has handled the sexual abuse situation to date provides a reasonable summary of some of the negative history of the Legionaries of Christ and its founder, Father Marcial Maciel, relating to sex, abuse, money and lies.

Tom Connor expresses his opinion in Click Here that the Catholic Church has overly relied on paying off victims (so far over $ 3 billion in the USA) and uttering apologies to them.

According to the article, in the case of the Legionaries of Christ, the civil suit involving two of Father Maciel?s sons, Jose Raul Gonzalez Lara, 33 and his stepbrother, Omar, 37 both continue to seek recompense for their abuse by the Legionary founder in a court case that is expected to proceed in the summer of 2013 in the Superior Court in New Haven.

According to the article, the Legion is using stalling tactics, causing delays in the discovery phase of their lawsuit. Legion lawyers are insisting that documents be translated into Italian and that an appeal to The Hague is necessary for the case to proceed.

Apparently, there are a number of other alleged sexual abuse victims of the Legionary founder waiting with interest to see the outcome of this trial, which is tentatively scheduled for some time in 2014.

ReGAIN Comment
There is not much new information in the above article that ReGAIN has not covered in the many articles posted on this website. However, the three page article does cover a good summary of significant events in the history of Father Maciel and the Legionaries of Christ. For those who are not familiar with the history of the Legion and its founder, Father Marcial Maciel, the three page article covers a lot of the background information to help in understanding what went on and provides some accurate insights regarding the corporate attitudes of the founder and those leaders and spokespersons who have carried on his religious order and movement.

Included in the Legionary summary is mention of the lawsuit against ReGAIN. We would like to point out that there is an inaccuracy in one of the statements made by the writer, who stated that Paul Lennon was forced to take down the ReGAIN website (obviously it still exists). The associated Ex Legionaries discussion board was shut down. This ReGAIN website, with all of its articles has continued before, during and after the lawsuit up until the present time in 2013.

ReGAIN continues to be concerned about all the forms of abuse and deception that has been deeply ingrained into the Legion and Regnum Christi structure and methodology based on what we believe to be its true agenda.


Author: Da Man from Cabra West

Dubliner, Legionary of Christ [1961-84], mental health therapist living in the Washington DC are since 1985, bilingual Spanish, 13 years in Mexico, married to a pretty Guatemalan; I am "amateur writer", translator, co founder of REGAIN, INC,, Legionary of Christ "expert", member of International Cultic Studies Association.

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