Revision of the Legions Constitutions Begins

Can Legion Priests Reform Themselves?


A central committee has been appointed to start making the revisions of the Legion’s constitutions. The committee will be presided over by Cardinal Velasio DePaolis. The committee will be made up of six priests including two of his personal advisors (Fr Gianfranco Ghirlanda, SJ and Fr Agostino Montan, CSI) and four Legionary priests (Fr Roberto Aspe Hinojosa, LC, Fr Anthony Bannon, LC, Fr Jose Garcia Sentandreu, LC, and Fr Gabriel Sotres, LC). The process will involve all members of the Legion and will last for several years.

ReGAIN and friends have been observing this process and hoping to see some desire within the Legion for the type of changes needed. To date it has been disappointing to see the exact opposite – a strong desire to defend the old ways, to keep a strangle hold on their remaining members and to influence the hierarchy of the Church to see things their way. The old guard has not openly shown that they recognize the structural problems that have resulted from following a leader who was found to have led a life devoid of scruple and of genuine religious sentiment(quoted from Vatican May 1 2010 communique)- Click here to read Vatican communique

Only time will tell if this group of mostly Legion priests will be able to significantly reform themselves. We would feel more optimistic if they showed some desire to change and if they were to consult with outside expertise that included victims, critics and dare we suggest cult experts.

ReGAIN Comment: When the Vicariate of the diocese of Rome intervened the Miles Jesu religious congregation, they made the whole leadership cadre resign.

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