Open Letter to Archbishop Velasio De Paolis

Archbishop Velasio De Paolis,C.S.
Pontifical Delegate to the Legion of Christ.

Over the years, ReGAIN has provided information to assist people to better understand the true nature of policies and practices of the Legion of Christ and the associated Regnum Christi Movement to prevent abuses of all kinds especially for young people. We have helped people to be aware of overly aggressive recruiting tactics, manipulation of all kinds and have provided networking guidance and support for ex members and for family members of all those who have been adversely affected by either the Legion or Regnum Christi.

We have witnessed and are aware of the devastation of peoples’ lives, the woundedness of ex members and the anguish of defrauded family members, who are outraged after having entrusted their sons and daughters to what seemed like an integral part of the Catholic Church.

ReGAIN members and friends are delighted that the Vatican has decided to implement such a journey of renewal as you referred to in your homily that you presented to the Legion on July 10 of this year and we wish you every success in this mission. There were statements in your homily that raised some tension among some of our friends who were victimized in different ways and others who have family members involved in the Legion many of whom have been waiting for many years to see justice served.

We would be pleased to provide assistance in any way that we could for this major undertaking (we have built up a considerable data base of information over the years). We hope that there will be optimum results for all concerned in this venture of guiding the Legion during this new journey of renewal and we offer our prayers specifically that:


    – The Holy Spirit provide gifts of wisdom, knowledge counsel and discernment in determining exactly

What are the Problems?


What are the optimum solutions?

    – The spiritual, emotional and mental and physical condition and needs of Legionaries be accurately assessed and discerned and that healing of any abnormalities noted in any of these areas be given priority before involving people in making major decisions.


    – The past cover-ups of the founder’s actions by Superiors be reviewed and dealt with in a just manner with a view to preventing any further cover-ups regarding his actions or any other negative issues relating to the Legion


    – The current members have access to or are made aware of the specifics of the testimonies of former members of LC and RC, not only the testimonies of those who suffered sexual abuse so they may see the reality of what happened and no longer continue to deny it.


    – Recruitment and spiritual direction for the apostolic schools / minor seminaries and further ordinations be held off on in light of the flawed formation referred to in the May 1 communique


    – Major changes in the operation of apostolic schools be made if these are allowed to continue to respect peoples’ free will


    – Censorship and control of information be eliminated so that Legionaries and seminarians may have full access to information needed to make informed free will opinions and judgments


    – All cult like behaviour and mind control techniques be eliminated.


    – The corporations that were set up by former superiors who were complicit with the founder be investigated for financial irregularities


    – The Church will achieve justice for those who have abused their positions of power within the church for selfish means and restitution for those who have been victimized or harmed in any way, not just by the founder but by the current or past leadership or policies of the Legion or its associated parties.


    – For those who remain there will be an environment developed where there is freedom to develop a healthy capacity to think freely and independently based on accurate information freely available to them.


    – Legionaries may be allowed to act according to their own consciences, to make free will decisions and to fully experience their own true God given feelings in a more human fashion.


    – All abuses of conscience or free will during and after the recruitment process will be stopped as soon as possible.


    – The concerns voiced by several Bishops, local ordinaries in the USA and other countries, including public statements and in some cases issuance of a total ban on Legion activities in various dioceses be fully investigated and all their concerns fully addressed


    – The Legion review in a fair and just manner the situation regarding their lawsuit against and settlement conditions imposed on Regain Inc


    – Because of the unique unprecedented circumstances it be recognized that this is not necessarily a


    organization with


    people where

normal solutions will suffice and that outside experts be consulted to provide expertise that is not available in house.

We are grateful to the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI for the excellent guidance he has provided during this chaotic situation and to yourself for accepting such a challenge. May God bless you and provide protection and guidance as you serve to bring order to the Legionaries of Christ.

Yours in Christ

ReGAIN Staff


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