Introduction to Emotional Deprivation Disorder

As a former Regnum Christi member, friend of several priests, and the mother of a former LC seminarian, I have observed closely the unhealthy emotional deprivation that is imposed on Legionary seminarians and priests. They are cut away from their former friends and their families and are reproached if they express any longing for their parents or siblings. They are told to always look cheerful and never to express any complaints, whatever they may be feeling inside. Further, they are told to make friendships only within the Legion, yet when it is policy that they are to inform on one another, there can be no friendship. A very unhealthy emotional scene is established in the Legion in which a man’s loving heart is excised (while it is still beating). This condition can be likened to the disorder called the Emotional Deprivation Disorder described by the doctor of the heart, Conrad Baars, M.D. who was a faithful Catholic and now deceased.

A link to the description of his work can be found:

Ruth D. Lasseter Mother of 6, Grandmother of 7 and Assistant Editor of Canticle Magazine

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