Fr. Maciel & Regnum Christi not Pope’s Favorites

Pope John Paul II does not mention either Fr. Maciel or Regnum Christ among his favorite Leaders & Movements in his latest Memoire:

The author maintains his position despite recent messages from the Vatican and the Pope praising Fr. Maciel and the Legion. The author believes that due to the Pope’s declining health, friends of Fr. Maciel, Cardenals Sodano and Rode, beneficiaries of Legion gifts, have been active behind the scenes during this time of Vatican confusion.


Our Father Maciel Who Art in Helicopter


Thy Kingdom Come!
6 of June, 1999
TO: Padre. M. A,, L.C.
FROM: Padre M.R.,L.C.
RE: Helicopter for Nuestro Padre in Medellian, [Colombia, South America]
Dear Father M.
In order to facilitate Nuestro Padre’s transportation during his stay in Medelian we can rent a helicopter. Here are the details:

  1. Company: HELISERVICE LTD.
    Tel: 2559596-2852376-2855562. Telefax 2855545
    Aeroparque- Olaya Herrera. Hangar NA°:35
    Cra. 67 N?° 04-61 Medelian.
    Owner: Armando Rguez. Cell: 033-5000735
    Administrator: Beatriz Tamayo Ospina. Cell: 033-5048730
  1. . Days: Wednesday 9 June: Airport-Cumbres LC High School.
    Friday 11 June: Cumbres-Llano Grande, Llano Grande-Cumbres LC High School.
    Sunday 13 June: Cumbres HS – airport.
  1. Capacity: 6 persons (but they told us to bring only 4).
  1. Cost: $700 dolls total. (With no deviation from chosen routes, must be direct).
  1. . Other conditions: no helicopter from any company may fly after 5:00 p.m. They allow take-offs from Rionegro airport only up to 5:00 p.m.

We researched another four companies and the cheapest was $1400 dollars. Besides, HELISERVICE is the one with the best helicopters.
Thanks for all your help.
Yours Affectionately in Christ, M.R, LC


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