Female Rc Chain Of Command & Who’s Who

Levels of commitment to the Legionaries of Christ’s Regnum Christi lay movement increase from First through 3rd, the latter being the most intense commitment to ‘The Movement’ and consecration to God and Jesus Christ.


I bet all of you are very confused about the structure of the 3gf, so I will explain that forthwith. You’re familiar with the LC structure of:
1. Father Maciel [NP], Director General
2. Territorial director
3. Rector of center
4. Vice-rector
5. Assistant
6. Auxiliary of assistant
7. Members/subjects (the common riff-raff)

The RC section is a little different. I actually had to memorize the RC structure for a class. It’s complicated, so I don’t want to go into that now.
This is the 3gf structure. I will talk about
individual functions afterwards:

Director general, Founder, ideal, model…need
I go on?
• Director General(DG)
• Assistant to the General Director (3gf)
• Territorial Director (LC)(TD or DT)
• Assistant to the Territorial Director (3gf)
• Director/Directress (directora) of the center (3gf)
aided by the LC chaplain
• Vice-directress or gerente (in all centers)
• Assistant, Asistente (in a formation center)
• Auxiliar to the assistant (in a formation center) (helps with studies team, administration team, and heads of apostolate in formation centers)



It is not like the LCs ever report to the RC Consecrated single women with greater responsibilities than them. The consecrated are always the ones in positions below the LCs, and report to them. So Dorrie Donahue sends her reports to Fr. Bannon, to Monica Treviño, who is the assistant to the Territorial Director for North America, to Maleny Medina, who is the Assistant to the General Director of the Legion, and to Nuestro Padre. Since I was never in a position of responsibility, I have only a vague idea of what goes into the reports. There are the normal reports that go to your head of apostolate after every day of apostolate, and to your assistant after a project. Those did not go any further. What did go all the way to the top was the number of spiritual directions we gave each month. I know our formators, which is another name for directors, had to write reports about us, and those were more detailed. My point is that the consecrated structure is attached to the LCs, but subservient to the LCs for everything.

Some of my names may be wrong because of changes in assignments, i.e. appointments, could have happened since last summer and some people may have been changed.

Our interactions with Nuestro Padre [Father Maciel] were necessarily limited.

He only came to 3gf houses once in a great while, maybe once every two years, and then only to one in an area where there were several. He normally does questions, Mass, and has dinner in the dining room with everyone. They set up a head table and he sits there with Fr Luis Garza Medina, maybe the Territorial Director, and the directors of the center,
probably Maleny and the assistant to the Territorial Director if they are around. And the choir sings.
When Fr. Maciel visited the Precandidacy, he had Fr. John Devlin (always around for 3gf things) and Fr. Alonso sing a song for us.

Maleny Medina, Fr. Medina’s sister, is the Assistant
to the General Director. That is a position formerly held by Belen Sanchez de Ocaña, now in exile in the Monterrey formation center. Various consecrated, like Belen, Patricia Bannon, and Maricarmen Perochena are kept in semi-retirement in the formation centers, giving classes, spiritual directions and making up a kind of assistant not found in the Statutes. Maleny tends to tour all the 3gf centers every year around June and February (time to visit the candidacies in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere). She lives at the former formation center, La Giustiniana, in Rome, Italy. It is the greatest honor of all to be sent there to work on the Project of the Woman, a project spear-headed by Gloria Conde with her book, “Mujer Nueva� and a website by the same name. Marcela de Maria y Campos, well known among the 3gf for her musical compositions, lives there as well. Maleny was consecrated when she was 15, and her early dedication to the Movement is probably one of the reasons for her importance. Maleny loved the PCs, and she
would have meals with us and check our closets to
see how organized they were…

The territorial directors came every couple months for conferences and meetings with the directors and when I was consecrated, Fr. Antonio Herrero would say one of our Christmas and Easter Masses. Sometimes the Territorial Directors from other territories would come for conferences, too. I liked it because it meant one less study period for the day.

Then there were the assistants to the Territorial Director. I actually have fonder memories of the territorial directors than of their assistants. In the US, Maricarmen Perochena was the first, followed by Gabriela Garza, relegated to the formation center in Madrid, and now Monica Treviño. In Mexico, it is Malen Oriol. Juani Lozano is in South America, and Paula Errázuriz is in Europe. The Assistant to the Territorial Director basically travels around and reads and writes reports and has to do a few more apostolic activities than the other directors higher up.

The rest of the directors are the equivalents of
your LC superiors. It is purposely organized in a similar fashion. When I am in a mood for strange stories, I will tell you what it is like for LC chaplains of the 3gf.


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