Corporal Mortification

Corporal Mortification is a term that was never used in the Legion of Christ. Terms like sacrifice and armas (weapons) were more common. The required sacrifices, besides living the complex and detail-demanding rule, were a sacrifice at each meal (something small) and leaping out of bed in the morning to the shout of Christ Our King!” by a superior, to which the subject responded “Come to Our Aid! (Changed in the 1990’s toThy (or Your) Kingdom Come! ).

But the whole topic was a constant when telling the history of Marcial Maciel. Tales of his severe penances were intertwined through the history of the Legion.

As for the rank and file Legionary, he is told to use the armas. These implements are not used in the United States it seems. The practice begins in Spain or Rome for Americans, at least.

The armasof a Legionary (his weapons) were two:

Cilicio or cilice: worn on the upper thigh for about two hours a day, three days a week and on feast days.

Here is a picture:

The discipline: used on the buttocks three days a week before going to bed: about 20 lashes per side, depending on what was agreed to with the spiritual director.

Click below for a picture.

When using both of these armas, Legionaries are told not to draw blood.

Fasting is practiced only on the days prescribed by the Church (Ash Wednesday and Good Friday). Attendance at meals is still obligatory, and there is a bit less food on the table, and everyone makes there own fasting decisions in front of everyone else.

Abstinence from meat is practiced on Ash Wednesday and every Friday that is not a Feast Day or within the Easter Octave.

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