Cleaning the Filth Pope Benedict’s Quiet Revolution

Based on an article by John J Allen Jr in the National Catholic Reporter, there is a Quiet Revolution taking place in the Vatican.


The Cistercian abbey at the Basilica of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem, one of the traditional seven major pilgrimage sites in Rome has been suppressed. The article states that there are no more free passes for misconduct based on good fruits (outweighing the bad).


According to the article, there was not clear accounting of the revenue flows and there were rumors of inappropriate relationships carried on by some of the monks. The article makes references to suppression of other religious orders and crackdowns against high profile clerics, including Gino Burresi, founder of the Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and Marcial Maciel Degollado.


The full article may be seen at:
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Regain Comment:

Certainly it is a step in the right direction to crack down on Catholic religious leaders who are guilty of gross misconduct. ReGAIN commends the Holy Father for taking a stand against the filth in the Church, as he once put it.
Such action is long overdue, considering that Father Marcial Maciel committed grave acts for over six decades before he was disciplined at all and even then he seemed to get off lightly. The pace of the reform of the Legion seems to have gone from dead slow to stop. Those ex members and family members are aware that the problems go much deeper than just another case of a pedophile priest. Most of the structure and rules that he imposed and the leaders that he appointed remain intact as new priests continue to be ordained and new 3gf women consecrated in Regnum Christi as we await a report when their visitation concludes. There is a long way to go from here but when one plans to eat an elephant it starts with the first bite.


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