DePaolis Calls For Intense Reflection Period for LC and RC As Part of Reform

According to an article in CathNews, New Zealand Click Here the Legion has been told it must undergo a brief but intense period of reflection in conjunction with its associated lay movement, Regnum Christi, before its reform can proceed. The article makes reference to external criticism regarding the slow pace of the reform. The letter from Cardinal DePaolis, has been posted on the Regnum Christi website.

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The letter summarizes the reform process to date and explains that the Apostolic Delegate had clearly identified that all members of LC and RC share in the same charism (but which continues to be elusive). He explains that as he was focusing his energies on the problems related to the Legion, he found that the problems with Regnum Christi, especially the consecrated (3gf) members has distracted us more than a little from the problems of the Legion. Later in his letter he points out that it is impossible to properly and completely consider the government, apostolate and administration of the Legion of Christ without also taking the broader reality of Regnum Christi into account. Nor is it possible, on the other hand, to think of the reality of Regnum Christi without referring to the Legion.
ReGAIN Comment

The fundamental question about charism keeps popping up like an annoying mosquito buzzing around your ear in the dark as LC and RC continue their business as usual. It refuses to go away.

The two groups founded by Fr. Maciel are still joined at the hip like Siamese twins and you can?t have one without the other. The reference to the plight of the 3gf women as a distraction to the real business of reforming a Roman Catholic religious order of men is shocking to those whose lives hang in the balance. The recent publicity from the 49week blog site has made more people aware of the damaging effects of mind control in the 3gf methodology. As the Apostolic Delegate champions and promotes the beautiful reality of life in Regnum Christi, perhaps he is realizing that valid criticism of their structure and methodology is increasingly being directed towards him personally. Some of his comments indicate that perhaps some lights are switching on inside him as he identifies himself more closely as their leader. Is he willing to be a new Maciel in his defense of the Legion or is he having second thoughts?

As he is going to sleep each night perhaps he is being haunted by some of the questions that have been discussed for years on ReGAIN and life-after-rc and other sites.

Have any of the Legion’s upper echelon leaders indicated that they have any more genuine interest in spiritual matters and desire to see justice than the fraudulent founder did?

How can the Apostolic Delegate dissociate himself from the deceitful environment that he is trying to reform if he continues to act as their cheerleader, while leaving their old guard leaders in place?

Is he willing to accept valid criticism coming from very credible sources, including ICSA and high profile former members about the methodology and structure (e.g. mind control) as some of these are now being aimed at him personally for his part in their continuance?

Is it likely that the Holy Spirit acted through Father Marcial Maciel to do something beautiful for God and if so where is the evidence? If not, how long can everyone including him continue to keep up the pretense?

If (as seems obvious to us at ReGAIN) there never was a spiritual charism that came from the Holy Spirit, is it possible to develop one by a committee?

Is he willing to continue disappointing all of those members and their families who had hoped for real changes?

How long will he be able to withstand valid criticism that is coming from the media as the reform process drags on?

How can the issues regarding the fraudulent form of consecration of the 3gf women be resolved?

Are the Apostolic Delegate and the Vatican over their heads in some areas of the attempted reform process, considering available in-house expertise?

Are any of the victims of sexual, emotional, psychological and spiritual abuse (e.g. those mentioned on the 49week blog) by the founder and by his well intentioned followers being addressed?

How can the freedom of conscience issues (as identified in the May 1, 2010 Vatican communique be resolved?

As we wonder these things, we realize the need for prayers of intercession and guidance from the Holy Spirit for all of those who are involved in the reform process.

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