Jesuit Father Ghirlanda Appointed as Pontifical Advisor to Legion

According to Rome Reports Jesuit Father Gianfranco Ghirlanda has been appointed as Pontifical Advisor to the Legionaries of Christ.

He will have a consulting role only and will serve the Legion’s government in the area of relations between the different components of Regnum Christi and in the search for a canonical configuration for the movement as a whole. He will not have any authority in the governance of the Legion or Regnum Christi. He will take part in general council meetings and is expected to report back to the Vatican. The Vatican has not yet approved the Constitutions; however, there are some (minor) revisions that have been requested and it is expected that with these revisions the Constitutions as amended during the recent General Chapter will be found acceptable.

Father Ghirlanda is known to be an expert canonist and one of his key tasks will be to find a juridical structure for Regnum Christi as well as for the Legion.

ReGAIN Comment

Father Ghirlanda assisted Cardinal DePaolis during the Legion and Regnum Christi three year renewal. Reportedly, he was strongly in favor of the questionable concept of the Legion and Regnum Christi having received a charism that mysteriously bypassed the controversial founder.

We expect that Father Ghirlanda will be helpful to the Legion in sorting out their legalities but based on the dismal record of the renewal (some of us had naively hoped for an actual reform) we do not feel optimistic that his advisory position will result in the sort of changes that we would feel are necessary. Our one hope might be that the situation for the 3rd grade members of Regnum Christi might be altered finally to conform to Church canon law.

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