Departing Legionary Disappointed With Falsehood, Manipulation and Cover-ups

Father Jose Ignacio Martin Sanchez, a Legionary priest has requested a definitive exit from the Legion. In a statement to his friends, he has been quoted as saying that his decision was based on the perplexity and sadness he experienced even after the General Chapter adding that their so called renewal continues to be based on falsehood, manipulation of the consciences and freedom of many people of good will inside and outside the Legion and Regnum Christi

He has asked for prayers for his final perseverance in the faith and in the priesthood and for the Blessed Virgin to protect the Holy Catholic Church from all those who attack her with crimes, frivolous cover-ups harming the faith and the hope of the souls of the faithful.

Father Sanchez is planning to become incardinated into the diocese of Getafe, Madrid, Spain.

ReGAIN Comment

The statements made by this Legionary priest are similar to those made by many others who have left the Legion and the consecrated life in Regnum Christi and testimonies ReGAIN has reported on this site. What is different this time is that the references to the negative aspects of the Legion structure and methodology indicate that not much has changed in the five years since the bombshell of 2009, when details of the founder's became public. Since that time there has been a three year period of renewal, which provided ample opportunity to carry out positive reforms.

One thing that we believe is inexcusable anywhere within the Catholic Church is practices in a religious order that compromise anyone's free will and conscience, especially when this has been deeply ingrained into an organization. According to basic Catholic teachings, it is our intellect, free will and choice that make us different from other members of the animal kingdom. Using manipulative practices to solicit donations is bad enough but using coercive (mind control) methodology on members to recruit, form and retain them is going too far. It is long past time for a true reform or failing that a refoundation to protect members from their leaders.

We can imagine the turmoil that Father Sanchez experienced during the eighteen months of his discernment period. Our prayers are with Father Sanchez as he joins a growing number of disillusioned members of the Legionaries of Christ. We wonder how many others inside the Legion and Regnum Christi have similar feelings and who are struggling to decide whether to cut their losses and start over again somewhere beyond the Legion walls.

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