Legion’s Record Calls For Criminal Investigation

An article written by the National Catholic Reporter editorial staff, http://ncronline.org/news/accountability/editorial-legions-record-calls-criminal-investigation referring to the almost unimaginable fraud, offers an opinion that civil authorities should conduct a criminal investigation into the activities of the Legionaries of Christ based on their record. They also recommend that the Church proceed with extreme caution in considering allowing the Legion to continue.

The NCR refers to the two lawsuits in Rhode Island that claim the Legion defrauded elderly donors (Mrs. Gabrielle Mee and James Boa-The Chu, a Yale University professor).

The article suggests that the Legion’s striking pattern of fraudulent fundraising tactics by a religious charity and the bilking of elderly Americans stands out as a matter demanding investigation. and that the civil authorities might be interested in investigating further to discover what other fraud the Legion might be carrying out to sustain their multi million dollar budget. The writers say that the Church has a responsibility to excise from the body a cancer that has seriously damaged the community.

Calling upon the Rhode Island attorney general to open a criminal investigation of the Legionaries of Christ, they state that they have found in the past that it is difficult to get full accounts of criminal activities of church leaders unless civil authorities become involved.

At the same time, Fox News has reported http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/01/30/group-seeks-criminal-probes-disgraced-catholic-order/ that the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, (S.N.A.P.) is seeking a criminal probe of the Legionaries of Christ. David Clohessy, executive director of SNAP said recently that Rhode Island and Connecticut law enforcement should investigate. Mr. Clohessy stated the Legion’s known and suspected wrongdoing is so persistent and widely documented that we think action by law enforcement is warranted. No institution can or should be allowed to essentially police itself.

Bernard Jackvony, the lawyer in the case of Mrs. Gabrielle Mee had reportedly expressed disappointment when he heard that the attorney general was not planning to get involved in the case and treat it as a civil or criminal matter. A spokesperson for the attorney general’s office has urged Jackvony to take any allegations of criminal wrongdoing to state police.

ReGAIN Comment

According to the Fox News article, there have been no complaints against the Legion made to the Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice but they have stated that if anyone did file a complaint, it would be reviewed and acted upon. So until someone is willing to take on the Legion and their lawyers, this will probably not happen.

One thing that has changed in a positive way over the last three years of renewal (not reform) is that there has been less information control over what the members listen to and read about what is happening. When members were restricted to reading friendly accounts of Legion news in Zenit and the National Catholic Register and other Legion controlled media, many members were often unaware of negative news about their leaders or the religious order they belonged to or they had a warped understanding of the true situation. We hope that with the small changes that have taken place, such as banning the secret vows and promises, allowing somewhat more free discussion and better access to outside truth that more members and 3gf women are redeveloping some critical thinking skills. The window of opportunity for this may be coming to an end unless Pope Francis has a plan in place for what to do when Cardinal DePaolis takes his leave within a few months. If the Pope fails to take action while he has a golden opportunity we feel it is quite likely that everything will tend to go back to the structure and methodology that suited Nuestro Padre so well for so long and the deception and fraud will continue.

Vatican Overseer Neglects Investigation of Legion Founder’s Inner Circle

Will Pope Francis be in an awkward position having to blindly approve new constitutions statutes and Legion leaders?

Who within the Legionaries of Christ in Fr. Marcial Maciel’s inner circle covered for the founder as he carried out his secret life style, traveling around the world to spend time with his different families under different aliases? If we were waiting for Cardinal DePaolis, the Vatican overseer to let us know, we could wait a long time and never know.

Jason Berry his written an article on the National Catholic Reporter
http://ncronline.org/news/accountability/ex-legionary-curial-overseer-neglects-investigation-inner-culture that identifies four Irish LC priests who were among Fr. Maciel’s closest confidantes and who wielded considerable power within the Legion. These included:

  • Fr. Anthony Bannon, who was chief fund raiser in North America
  • Fr. Owen Kearns, who led the media attack against Maciel’s pedophilia victims
  • Fr. Raymond Cosgrave, Maciel’s point man in establishing the Legion in Chile during the 1973 – 1990 dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet
  • Fr. John Devlin, Fr. Maciel’s secretary for decades and a keeper of the secrets ReGAIN’s Paul Lennon was quoted in the article. He provided some background information regarding
  • Fr. John Devlin, who entered the Legion in 1961, the same year as Paul. According to Paul, Fr. Devlin was one of Maciel’s right-hand men. He would do anything for Maciel.

Jason Berry points out that Fr Devlin was charming with the big donors and he cemented ties with Cardinal Angelo Sodano, who was one of the LC founder’s staunchest supporters and he questions where and how Fr Maciel found the millions of dollars he needed to support his two families while traveling between Rome and New England for decades.

Referring to the culture of lies within the Legion, Jason Berry’s article questions how long Fr. Maciel’s inner circle knew what was going on. He goes on to note that Cardinal Velasio DePaolis has avoided any direct confrontation with any of the inner circle members. He points out that the culture of structural lying is still vibrant within the order
Although there were numerous questions about these four members of Fr. Maciel’s inner circle, Cardinal DePaolis neglected to investigate any of the people who obviously had some involvement in the LC founder’s secret life.

Now that Cardinal DePaolis’ three and a half year term has been completed and so many questions remain (because of the failure to do any investigation) Pope Francis is likely to be left holding the bag. He is the one who will assume responsibility for (blindly perhaps) approving the revised constitutions and newly elected leaders and decide whether or not to continue overseeing the Legion.

ReGAIN Comment
Many people believed that the Vatican was conducting a reform of the Legionaries of Christ and of Regnum Christi. Obviously, Cardinal DePaolis had a very limited scope of work and the LC and RC leaders and members were aware that it was simply a renewalto develop new statutes and constitutions and elect new leaders. Now that has been done but none of the questions have been answered (or even asked it appears) the Pope will either have to buy a pig in a poke or send in another investigator who is willing to actually investigate who did what and who is still doing what inside the Legion.

So that means that once again another Holy Father in Rome will be exposed to criticism because of the scandals associated with Fr Maciel’s Legionaries of Christ. Pope Francis is already dealing with criticism from the United Nations, who have recently singled out Father Marcial Maciel. Based on the ineffectiveness of Cardinal DePaolis to even bother to check for anything untoward going on in the Legion during his three and a half years, will the Holy Father and the Vatican and the Catholic Church have to deal with serious consequences and valid criticism? If so, this is very unfortunate for those Catholic religious orders and movements that have genuine charisms from the Holy Spirit and who are devoting their lives and energy to do something beautiful for God.

If self-serving mind controlling cult groups with controversial child molesting founders and no obvious spiritual charisms who have a reputation for preying on wealthy seniors are considered as equivalent to other Catholic religious groups and are supported by the Vatican, then it waters down the genuine fruits and works that come from inspired religious groups.

We hope and pray that Pope Francis will be given the gifts of the Holy Spirit including wisdom and knowledge from the Holy Spirit that he may deal more effectively with this unfortunate situation than his predecessors have been able to.

Has the Vatican Reform of the Legion of Christ been Botched?

Has the Vatican Reform of the Legion Been Botched?

Cardinal DePaolis’ three year term as Vatican Apostolic Delegate is almost over and during the next few months, the Legion and Regnum Christi will hold their general assemblies to present and review their new constitutions and statutes. When these new documents have been approved and accepted by the Vatican the reform process is likely to be considered complete. That is unless Pope Francis takes a personal interest in this situation and decides to dig a little deeper.

Has the reform been botched? We might ask whether or not there was a genuine intent by the Legion’s elite leaders and some (cooperative) members of the Vatican hierarchy to identify what really needed to be reformed and to follow through with the appropriate follow-up actions or whether or not the reformwas simply an exercise to buy time.

One difficulty in assessing the reform process is that different parties involved held different objectives and essential information was withheld from those participants who genuinely wanted to reform.

The May 1, 2010 Vatican communique, although vague on details of any wrongdoing by the Legionary founder or his upper echelon identified that there had been serious consequences for the life and structure of the Legion The communique identified a need to improve in the following areas:

1. Redefine the charism

2. Review the exercise of authority, which must be linked to truth, in order to respect conscience.

ReGAIN has assembled comments since 2010 from a sampling of those whose lives were directly affected by their involvement with the Legion or Regnum Christi regarding the success or failure of the reform to achieve their expectations. In each case ReGAIN has provided the source for reference to the full article for those who wish to obtain the entire context of what is being quoted.

Fr. Peter Francis Byrne July 27, 2010

Click Here 8/31/2010

  • the figure of Maciel continues to have visibility and weight in the daily life of their communities all over the world.
  • Moreover, if it is true that full powers in the governance of the Legion today belong only to the papal delegate, Archbishop Velasio De Paolis, the fact remains that yesterday’s leaders are still in place, and maintain an extremely strong influence over many of the religious, on account of the complete communion of life that they shared with the founder.
  • They continue to say that they were always unaware of Maciel’s disgraceful behavior, until after his death in 2008.
  • images of Maciel continue to appear everywhere and that his birthplace, Cotija de la Paz, continues to be a destination connected to his memory.
  • I have also noticed that in Mexico, meetings are still being held among the leaders with the infamous lists that divide persons and families into triple-A, double-A, etcetera, and show the names of the priests charged with grooming these families and then tapping into their money.

Fr. Byrne concluded that: the structures of power imposed by Maciel still remain in force today.

Father Richard Gill: Chiesa – Sandro Magister Feb 9 2011

Former Legionary priest, Father Richard Gill posed his Ten Questions which was publicized in an article in Chiesa Click Here

  • The Legion recently began to install in all computers very aggressive industrial spyware to monitor all email and internet traffic of the membership.
  • What weighed on me even more than the scandals of Fr. Maciel however, was the manner in which the current superiors of the Legion, once they knew of the scandals, had failed to act, or acted in ways that consistently misled the membership.
  • In the aftermath of the revelations about Maciel, they led a systematic effort to deny and minimize the facts about Fr. Maciel and thus revealed a profoundly disturbing attitude of paternalism toward their own religious. It was as if the priests and religious had no right to know of serious matters that affected their future, their freedom, and the commitment of their lives to the Congregation. I came to recognize that this pattern of activity was fruit of an internal culture Fr. Maciel had created.
  • it is common knowledge within the Legion that strongly dissenting voices are still regularly marginalized.
  • There remains great deal of ignorance about what happened and how the scandal lasted over so many decades.
  • A second difficulty occasioned by Cardinal De Paolis was the apparent decision to put aside calls for a fuller investigation into the whole Maciel scandal than what was accomplished by the Apostolic Visitators in 2009-10. The Cardinal has made it clear on more than one occasion his task is that of overseeing reform efforts rather than in further forensic work.
  • For the most part, the same groups of superiors who were appointed by Maciel and who presided over the attempts to cover for him in the aftermath of his condemnation by the Holy See in 2006 are still at the helm.
  • A third weakness in the current approach is the apparent lack of concern for holding individuals accountable for their role in keeping secret from Church authorities what they knew of Maciel’s behavior, or if they even collaborated with Maciel by formal cooperation in those crimes.
  • Fr. Gill referred to: the extent to which, for lack of a better term, a Latino mentality pervades the Legion.
  • Father Gill concluded that for the Legion to flourish it would need to find outstanding spiritual leaders within who could with the help of the Holy Spirit articulate a new charism and a new vision for the future

Nelly Ramirez February 25, 2011

Nelly Ramirez, a former consecrated member of Regnum Christi for 12 years wrote a book in Spanish about her experience. Click Here

She was pessimistic about the likelihood of success by the Vatican?s intervention: what I believe will happen, according to the mentality of the institution, is that a few new statutes will have been created beforehand, there will be a simulation in which supposedly all are able to voice their opinion but on subjects that are already well developed. From there supposedly new rules will result and it is all over.

Nelly Ramirez when asked: What is the reaction among Legionaries about her book’s publication? replied: It varies. There is one group that wants to see a renewal, that is aware of the realities, and another that is steadfast, that thinks any change is an affront to God. I believe that, within the culture of the Legion, a book like this is seen as an act of aggression, which it is not. It is simply a proposal for change, and my objective is to facilitate an internal dialogue. They also told me that they would ask God to forgive me for writing this book.

Father James Farfaglia March 20, 2011

On a blog BishopAccountability.org
<a href=http://www.bishop-accountability.org/news2011/03_04/2011_03_20_James_HighProfileDisasters.htm
Click Here Former Legionary priest, Father James Farfaglia wrote:

  • I have to conclude the following: we need much more accountability within the Catholic Church. When a priest lives on his own; when a priest has a lot of money behind him; and when a priest is very popular in my personal view, questions need to be asked and
  • the problems within the Catholic Church, are in my personal opinion, apocalyptic in nature.
  • No matter what happens to the Legionaries of Christ and the Regnum Christi Movement, it really does not matter. Integer owns everything and seemingly pulls all of the strings. And it does not matter what position Luis Garza has in the Legionaries of Christ because it appears that he is the man behind the curtain.

Fr. Juan Pedro Oriol May 31, 2011

When Father Juan Pedro Oriol, a well-known and highly regarded Legionary priest decided to leave the Legion, he publicly announced his decision. Click Here

The reasons given for their (Father Juan Pedro Oriol and his brothers) decision to leave relate to their dissatisfaction with the process of reform and to the lack of transparency of the Apostolic Delegate Cardinal Velasio de Paolis and Legionary leadership.

Father Pablo Perez – September 29, 2011

Click Here
Pablo Perez Guajardo, who had served for seven years in the Legion mission in Cancun publicly dissented from the way superiors handled the Maciel debacle and the so-called Reform of the Legion and he was dismissed. The local bishop, his LC superior, said he did not want him around disturbing the peace

Father Pablo Perez included the following remark as he was leaving:
We must all have the same opinions, just as our founder, Fr. Maciel, taught us.

Malen Oriol February 12, 2012

Click Here
According to an Associated Press article, Malen Oriol, the former head of the consecrated women in Regnum Christi revealed that:

a group of consecrated women had decided to leave the movement and live out their vocations under the authority of local bishops, a blow to the Legion that suggests that groups of reformers are now stepping outside the movement because their superiors are refusing to change.

Andres Beltramo Alvarez May 6, 2012

In an article in the Vatican Insider Click Here Andres Beltramo Alvarez said that:

One of Montan and De Paolis’ biggest concerns seems to be to avoid a further exodus of religious. For this reason, Montan stressed that without unraveling the bonds of prayer and friendship, the consecrated women of Regnum Christi, at this historic time, will avoid attending or soliciting invitations to attend meetings (of ‘Totus Tuus’).
(Father Montan had served as a temporary Superior of the consecrated after the resignation of Malen Oriol).

This advice is in addition to another recommendation by De Paolis, who in a February letter asks former consecrated to avoid proselytizing among women who chose to remain in the movement. According to several witnesses, the superiors of some Regnum houses have interpreted these directions as if they were orders, prohibiting any contact with old friends.

There is the story of a young woman who was almost expelled from her community after attending a meeting with her friends from ‘Totus Tuus’: the superior would have allowed her to get her things, but not to sleep for a final night in the residence where she had lived just a few hours before.

Father Thomas Berg June 22, 2012

In his article in First Things, Click Here
Father Thomas Berg commented:

  • The Cardinal has chosen to forego a thorough and independent investigation into whether any present or former members of the congregation knowingly abetted Maciel.
  • DePaolis doesn’t speak Spanish.
  • Legionary superiors, meanwhile, have fostered a culture of institutional opposition to the radical reform that is truly required.
  • . embrace and foster a culture of cover-up and lack of transparency.
  • continued signs of an institutional resistance to the vocational discernment so necessary to each of the priests and the seminarians who remain in the congregation.

Xavier Leger> – March 31, 2013

In his letter to the Holy Father, Pope Francis, Former Legionary member Xavier Leger included the following statements:

  • Today, all the signs lead us to believe that the Apostolic Visitation was not intended to really search for truth and justice but to save the Legion and prevent Legionaries from jumping ship.
  • Holy Father, the same mistake that had exonerated Fr. Maciel in 1958, at the end of the first Apostolic Visitation, was made again in 2010.
  • I beseech you to start the investigation of the Legion all over again, radically changing the investigative method; we have to begin by spelling out very clearly the real story of Maciel and the congregation and this involves using independent outside experts, as well as psychologists well versed in the cult phenomenon.

ReGAIN Comment

Does there seem to be any change of heart among the Legion leaders? Have any of the Legion leaders demonstrated the genuine religious sentiment that their founder was found to be lacking? Have these leaders provided authentic dynamic spiritual leadership and enthusiasm for getting to the root of the problem areas and changing Father Maciel’s creations into something pleasing to God? If this is the case then it is not evident, at least to those of us on the outside.

To date the emphasis by the Vatican Delegate and by the Legionary leaders seems to have been limited mainly to developing a new legal framework, including the development of new statutes. These legal documents are necessary of course, especially for the consecrated persons in Regnum Christi. A commenter on life-after-rc Click Here has offered an opinion that:

it was never a process of reform to begin with, as we now see, which is why the insistence of business as usual for DePaolis was insisted upon from the get go. Rather, it is best described as a process of justification.. justification of a charism, of the approvals it received and avoidance of all the embarrassment the opposite supposed…no not a reform at all.

However, as the sampling of statements above indicate, it appears doubtful at this late stage whether the types of issues that relate to the exercise of authority, which must be linked to truth, in order to respect conscience as required by the Vatican communique have been addressed in a satisfactory manner.

There has been a lack effort in facilitating true discernment and re-assessment of vocations for the Legionary priests and the consecrated women. The Delegate has even expressed concern about the loss of numbers from the consecrated women when Totus Tuus was formed.

The Vatican and the Legion leadership have not allowed real time out to assess the individual vocations, much less to assess the Legion’s recruitment and training systems. Nobody seems to have hesitated or thought twice about whether or not the Legion and Regnum Christi actually possess a God-given charism, or whether or not the Legion/Regnum should have been founded in the first place (much Maciel trickery was involved in that process!) It appears that rank and file Legionaries have simply reacted to the Vatican intervention, either for or against.

There has been no stopping of business as usual. The Legion ship has not been taken out of the water and put in dry dock for a full overhaul. Thus changes have remained cosmetic. To use another metaphor, the Apostolic Delegate and Legion superiors have done some bodywork on the Legion but the engine and transmission systems have not been analyzed. There is no dirt on the Legion superiors’ hands or cassocks. And no mud on their face.

After so many decades, a golden opportunity to re-establish the Legion and Regnum Christi as something other than highly profitable businesses appears to once again be slipping through the Vatican’s fingers. In the meantime, the aggressive recruitment and fund raising have never missed a beat.

Cardinal DePaolis Raises Confusion Whether Reform Has Started Yet

…We have only completed the process of preparation.

According to an Associated Press ar5ticle in the Miami Herald http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/01/08/3859246/vatican-to-legion-reform-has-only.html Cardinal DePaolis stated that: the new leaders must infuse the religious order with a new spirit to finish a process of reform he said had only just begun.

Wait a minute! – Haven’t the Legionaries of Christ and Regnum Christi just undergone a three-year period of reform?

The answer to that question may not be as obvious as one would think. Many of us watching from the outside believed that at least in theory an actual reform was taking place. Perhaps this explains why so many people have been expressing disappointment with the lack of significant changes. Have we expected too much?

Looking back over the last three years, Legionary leaders (except for the departing ones) have been careful to avoid using the word reform and have instead used words such as purification and renewal, while Cardinal DePaolis, whose main expertise is in financial matters and canon law has focused mainly on rewriting the constitutions and preparing for the general chapter, when new leaders will be elected. We expect that the Cardinal has also spent time delving into the financial side of the Legion, who reportedly have assets exceeding $30 billion. Early in the process, Cardinal DePaolis was quoted as saying to the Legionaries, Yes, the congregation needs to purify and renew itself; this can and must be done through the conversion and renewal of the members individually.

In the summer of 2013, according to the official Vatican News Agency
http://www.news.va/en/news/pope-francis-encourages-renewal-of-congregation-of#?1#?1#WebrootPlugIn#?1#?1#PhreshPhish#?1#?1#agtpwd Pope Francis was quoted as saying: These will be fundamental steps in the path towards the authentic and profound renewal of the Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ and, indirectly, as well for the activity of the whole Regnum Christi Movement. The Pope’s wording (authentic and profound) hint that he expect s more than a few superficial rule changes and a glimmer of hope that he at least will use his influence to speed things up.

It would seem that Pope Francis has been starting to exert pressure on the Legion to go beyond the superficial. The Pope has publicly denounced the harm caused by clerical scandals. http://www.catholicculture.org/news/headlines/index.cfm?storyid=20225 He referred to the corruption of the priests. In the background to this is pressure from the United Nations, which has blasted the Vatican for failing to protect children from paedophile priests. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/united-nations-blasts-vatican-for-failing-to-protect-children-from-paedophile-priests-9065135.html

Now that his term is coming to an end, cardinal DePaolis has by his recent statement finally come out and at least strongly hinted that there is more to expect after he leaves. We wonder that if it were illegal for the Legion to reform and Cardinal DePaolis was being tried for attempting to carry out a reform of the Legion, would there be enough evidence to convict him? According to the Miami Herald Associated Press article, Legion spokespeople claim great strides have been made — decision-making is more decentralized, priests have better training and emails are no longer screened. The fact that they would even mention such minor changes indicates that they have no idea the true spiritual state of their order and of the need for authentic reform.

We expect that Legion leaders squirm when the topic of reform comes up. Considering their founder’s evil life and lack of any example and the cult like methodology and structure, things never were spiritually healthy throughout the whole history of the Legion. So there is nothing good to go back to and nothing spiritually to build on. In fact, if it were possible to implement an authentic reform the Legion would have to move as far away as possible from their entire structure, methodology, their founder, his example and from their entire history. They cannot return to the original charism because they haven’t been able to identify what it is. It would be like trying to rebuild an old car that has every one of its parts broken and everything has to be replaced.

One issue that is probably not being discussed by the Legion leaders is the fact that once the constitutions and statutes have been carefully rewritten, these will be of no value if they do actually follow the example of their Legionary founder in his ways of applying the rules to suit his own purposes. Because the founder had different versions of constitutions and statutes for different eyes and because he was able to use his rules as part of a behavior control (thought reform) program it will take a while before future members will be able to trust that their interests are being served by what is contained in the system of authority they must swear themselves to be obedient to. This will especially be true if the old guard leaders maintain their tight control of the Legion. A number of those involved in the general chapter have not broken from Father Maciel’s hold on them.

So our hope for real change now hinges on the Vatican Delegate’s reference to future reform and the Pope’s stated desire to have an authentic and profound renewal of the Legion and Regnum Christi. What a miracle that would be.

Legionaries of Christ Open Critical Meeting

Legion of Christ Opens Critical Meeting

Is The Reform Over?

As Cardinal DePaolis’ term comes to an end, selected members of the Legion gather in Rome for their general chapter to elect new leaders and to finalize the re-writing of their new constitutions. Referring to the Legion founder, Father Marcial Maciel as a pedophile and a fraud, Nicole Winfield has issued her latest article Click Here for the Associated Press and has included a number of comments and questions indicating doubt in many peoples’ minds whether the reform has achieved its prime goal of purifying the Legion from the influence of Maciel

ReGAIN Comments

Early in the article, Nicole Winfield points out that the rehabilitation process ignored its core dysfunction&#58 – financial duplicity, lack of an authentic religious identity and continued cover-up of the people who facilitated the founder’s crimes.

Financial Duplicity

To date, at least to the outside world, the Reform seems to have primarily focused on rewriting constitutions. Over the years, the Legion has had a bad reputation for misapplying funds donated for a specific cause, using them for other purpose, one example being the amounts spent by the founder in his secret life. This is considered a serious matter within the Church because a loss of credibility to its benefactors could result in tremendous financial losses. Cardinal DePaolis main areas of expertise were considered to be dealing with financial and legal matters. The Legion would have us believe that the founder acted alone in any and all of the financial duplicity. Nicole Winfield reminds us of the conning of Mrs Mee out of $60 million, which was partly engineered by someone who is taking an active part in the general chapter meetings.

Lack of Authentic Religious Identity

The 2010 Vatican communiqué identified the need to redefine the charism of the Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ, preserving its true core, that of the “militia Christi”, which characterises the apostolic and missionary activity of the Church and which is not the same as efficiency at any cost. The Legion continues to struggle to convince itself and others that the Holy Spirit miraculously worked through a flawed founder and they have trying to cobble together a charism by committee. Whenever they attempt to do this, it ends up being expressed in such general terms that the same wording could apply to any Catholic group and demonstrates that the Legion does not provide any unique form of service for the Church.

Nicole Winfield refers to U.S. canonist, Edward Peter’s remark: The Catholic Church has zero tradition of institutes of perfection being founded directly or even indirectly by predatory charlatans.

Continued Cover-up of Those Who Facilitated the Founder’s Crimes.

We have noticed that whenever the Legion leaders make any reference to their founder’s crimes, it is in the context of the pain that the Legion members feel and never the pain of the victims. For private reasons, the Church and their apostolic delegate have chosen to bury the past and to allow all of those who were complicit with Fr Marcial Maciel to continue to hold key positions within the Legion and to refrain from further investigation that might shed light on missing details. Surely the Catholic Church does not intend for its members to follow their example regarding the lack of justice in this case. The obvious conclusion drawn by many is that the Church is willing to cover up for those who covered up for the Legion founder because they wish to cover up for some of their own leaders. Nicole Winfield mentions in her article that any more Vatican intervention would further tarnish the legacy of Pope John Paul II. Perhaps it is time to place justice and truth above any individual, no matter how saintly the person in question.

Revised Constitutions and Statutes

Unless the attitudes and actions of the powers that be within the Legion change dramatically, all the time spent making revisions to the statutes and constitutions has been wasted. We are dealing with a chameleon Founder and institution whose very nature consists of deceitful appearances designed to trap unwitting victims. Therefore special methods are needed to grasp the reality underneath. Within Maciel and his work and some of his associates, there has always been a dichotomy between words and actions. So, for example, a change in written constitutions, scripta, will not correct the organization’s corrupt way of operating. Worse still, the Legion is considered by many in the cult watchfield to possesses sect-like characteristics. Professional help from wise spiritual directors, pastoral counselors and even from “mind-control” experts is/was needed in order to analyze, evaluate, make recommendations and implement effective change.

How Low Is The Church Wiling To Set the Bar?

All eyes will be on the current pope as the Legion reform comes to its questionable conclusion. After Pope Benedict XVI’s appointee, Cardinal DePaolis steps out of the picture, Pope Francis will assume responsibility for what happens after that. The Pontiff has hinted that he will become more involved when he recently referred to the general chapter and new constitutions as being fundamental steps in the path towards the authentic and profound renewal of the congregation of the Legionaries of Christ and indirectly as well for the activity of the whole Regnum Christi movement.

Nicole Winfield indicates that Pope Francis does not have a set time frame to adhere to when he decides what (if anything) to do with the Legion and Regnum Christi but that the Legion officials expect a decision from him within a few months.

Holy Father, your predecessors have been dropping ball on this matter since the 1950’s. Please be circumspect and carefully review all available information before closing the door on further action. Many people’s lives will be affected by whatever follow-up you choose to set in place. If the Church continues to embrace a self-serving group that was established by a pedophile charlatan devoid of scruples or religious sentiment, what message does this give to the world about Vatican standards?