Macielism Lives – LC Priest Fr. Peter F. Byrne L.C. Apologizes For Legion Behavior

Life-After-RC Click Here has provided an English translation of a letter submitted by a Legionary priest, Peter Byrne apologizing to Msgr Justo for calumnies and lies that he suffered at the hands of the founder of his congregation, the Legionaries of Christ and his collaborators.

The letter, dated April 22, 2012 expresses a feeling of shame Father Byrne experienced on behalf of his congregation.

The writer goes on to say that macielism has not yet been banished in the Legion and offers his opinion that those who did cooperate with the founder are still being covered for. He provides examples of ways in which the old leaders continue the same lack of transparency and dishonesty that they learned from the founder. Father Byrne states that seminarians are still taught that their founder, Father Marcial Maciel was a prophet and that they still are obliged to have a vow of humility? that binds them to denounce their Legionary brothers.

ReGAIN Comment:
For anyone inside or outside the Legion or Regnum Christi who wishes to see true reform, this letter reveals several indications that there is little or no will for positive change in the Legion. One statement from the letter reads as follows:

Without impunity, seminarians in Rome are still taught that Maciel was a prophet. They still have a vow of humility by which religious swear before God to denounce their brothers.

Pope Benedict XVI referred to the Legion founder as a false prophet. The Vatican communique stated that he was unscrupulous and without religious sentiment. If the Legionary leadership is indeed continuing to encourage seminarians to in any way continue to idolize their false prophet? founder there is little hope that the reform process is moving in a positive direction. Jesus taught that we should beware of false prophets?. (Matthew 7:15)

It is disturbing to hear that the practice of informing on fellow seminarians who break Legionary rules is still happening. This is a typical method of mind control that is used by typical destructive cult groups to force people to discourage individuality.

The letter goes on to say:
the majority of the macielistic leadership continues to govern the Legion and with the same contrivances that they learned from the founder: falsified elections, half truths, clarifications? of Vatican authorities, lack of transparency in economic affairs, and, overall, blindness towards those who were harmed by the crimes of this man and his followers.

And further on:
The hope was that those who covered up for Maciel within the congregation and inside the Vatican would be barred from office. It is painful that the suggestion was not considered opportune and the majority of those who signed the letter have now left the congregation?

The letter written by Peter Burne, LC, who remains on the inside demonstrates anew that there has been little change in the attitudes and cult like practices that have prevailed not just during Father Maciel’s decades of leadership but continuing right up to the present moment. Had this letter been written in isolation it might be considered simply as an expression of one person’s opinions and feelings. Taken together with the many similar letters written by disillusioned Legionaries and consecrated Regnum Christi women since the major scandal broke in 2009 it makes a discouraging statement of the present state of affairs. Even under the watchful eye of the Vatican the same old ways and attitudes prevail.

The letter serves to demonstrate that those Legionaries who really wanted reform have left and that one main reason why they departed was because they got tired of waiting as the foxes retained their tight control of the hen house.

Macielism lives on through the leaders who were selected and formed by the false prophet.

This raises a question for those whose lives are controlled within the LC / RC system:

If the teachings and practices of a false prophet have withstood several Vatican investigations and continue while a Vatican delegate with sweeping powers presides and as those who wished for changes head for the exit doors, what will the environment be like after the constitutions are rewritten and the commissioner leaves?

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