No To LC American Boarding & Apostolic Schools [and Novitiates?]

General Confession with Fr. Maciel and a tribute to my real father
By one of First Irish LC’s

The author explores the dangers of the Legion of Christ’s Apostolic Schools in the light of OLD & NEW allegations of sexual abuse by Founder Marcial Maciel of his younger seminarians and that of other Legionaries in minor seminaries. The article questions the training and credentials of Legionary seminarians as formators of adolescents. Structural discrepancies with official Church Teaching are mentioned.

From Legion of Christ official website:

The Legion’s apostolic schools worldwide, including this one in Center Harbor, New Hampshire, aim to give young men in grades 7-12, who are really thinking about the priesthood, what they will need to discover Christ’s call and prepare for it.

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Safe Environment ?
In the spring I stopped by St Brigid’s church in Cheshire and noticed in their bulletin that they were looking for CCD teachers because they would no longer have the services of the LC’s when I asked an LC why not they said they didn’t know. At WYD I met parishioners from St Brigid’s so I asked them why the LC aren’t teaching there anymore and they said the superior would not let them take the safe environment course required to teach in a parish school. I was wondering if that was to keep the seminarians from realizing they do not live in a safe environment?

Part One

One in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually assaulted before the age of 18

Handbook on Sexual Abuse of Children, Russell, 1988


Child Sexual Abuse does not necessarily involve penetration or even physical contact. Often beginning with seemingly innocent intrusions into the child’s personal space, the offender slowly tests and conditions the child to accept abuse which may escalate over a period of time.

The stereotype of child molesters as mentally unstable, dangerous-looking strangers is not statistically accurate:

  • Only 10-15% of offenders are strangers to their victims.
  • Often, child victims have trusting, dependent relationships with their offenders.
  • Ordinary-seeming men and women, even respected community members, sexually assault children.

Child sexual abuse occurs within all racial, ethnic, religious, educational, gender, social, and economic classes.

Although offenders may use physical force to perpetrate abuse, more typically they rely on threats. bribery, emotional force, or simply the force of their authority over the child. Sometimes, this force is implied rather than overt.

THREATS: ‘If you tell you’ll be sent home and lose your vocation.’

BRIBERY: ‘You will have special exceptions to the rule and privileges.’

EMOTIONAL: ‘You won’t be my special friend any more’

AUTHORITY: ‘This is our secret -don’t tell. They wouldn’t understand.’
[Adapted by the

writer from: Child Sexual Assault brochure, VAASA, Feel free to request]


It is not ‘crime of passion’. IT IS A CRIME OF VIOLENCE, POWER, AND CONTROL. It occurs when a person is forced, threatened, coerced or manipulated and tricked into sexual contacts against his or her will. No one asks to be sexually abused -it is the perpetrator who decides to hurt someone. Sexual abuse is never the victim’s fault.

Because of the mistaken belief that sexual assault is sexually motivated, it is often assumed that anyone who would sexually assault a male is after sex. Therefore, we assume that a perpetrator of male sexual abuse must be either a heterosexaul woman or a homosexual man. But sexual assault is not about sex -it’s about violence, power, hostility and domination. It’s an attempt to hurt someone. It is possible for a woman to assault a man; and some men who commit sexual assaults are gay. But most sexual assaults of men are committed by ‘straight’ or heterosexual men.


[See ‘Male Survivors of Sexual Assault’ brochure, VAASA,]

Part Two

I am at Sanborns restaurant at the ‘Plaza de las Estrellas’ mall in Mexico City?s Anzures district on Saturday, September 10, 2005. Sitting across from me, Dr. Fernando Gonzalez interviews me about my experiences with the Legion of Christ, against the background of pedophilia. I tell him honestly I was never sexually abused in the Legion, nor was I ever approached in an inappropriate way by any member.

Entering the LC at age 17 and 7 months, I admit I was very immature mentally, emotionally, and spiritually; naive and sexually unaware, too. However, as the son of a warm and structured home, I had strong relationships with my mother her only son- and with my father -we were ‘boon companions’. He was very ‘blue collar’ and a man of simple pleasuresTogether we went to sports events on his Excelsior 125cc motorbike which would often breakdown. A small and practical man, he liked mechanics, electricity and carpentry, with a passion for soccer, boxing and fishing. Sitting by the side of this quiet and polite person as we waited for the fish to nibble off Dun Laoghaire Pier I learned the silence of men and the art of closeness without words.

Soon after joining the Legion in Bundoran, County Donegal, my confreres and I were introduced to Fr. Maciel, a tall, thin, pale Mexican with thinning brown hair, big manicured hands, as he smiled through his glasses with cold blue eyes. He was the Founder of the Legion of Christ and a Holy Man. We were soon told that Legionaries called him Nuestro Padre , (Our Father;) though not as in the Lord?s Prayer, which in Spanish begins with the words in the opposite order, Padre Nuestro].

Our Father, with the help of the whole Legionary apparatus, was portrayed as a caring and solicitous father, who thereby evoked openness, trust and closeness in his children. But with me the closeness did not take. My relationship with my biological father was too strong and present. I did not need the affection of another father, even though this one was supposedly a saint. Perhaps, I was subconsciously not trusting of male religious figures. With one father in heaven and my dad on earth, I did not need the affection of a third.

Let us imagine, however, a teenager whose relationship with his earthly father is not firm and caring. Would he not tend to gravitate towards this Super Father who wanted to be his confidante, guide, and mediator with God?

Let us imagine next a preadolescent boy who goes to the Apostolic School in Mexico City in the 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s. Nuestro Padre could be here, there and everywhere in the Legion house. There were not that many Legion members and few were the houses. When absent he made his presence felt through general and personal letters, as a form of community and individual guidance. What a strong impression he must have made on these first ApostolicosThey were leaving the relative anonymity of small Mexican towns for the exciting and attractive Apostolic School in Tlalpan with its playing fields, bright red uniforms, good education and a swimming pool with a diving board. Mexicans are fearless and skilled divers and swimmers. Mostly from families as large as five, ten or fifteen children, they must have felt very special when they received the personal attention of the Padre Prefects who supervised them and took care of all their needs. Above the prefects was the Padre RectorSpiritual Director. The Prefects and Rector became these children?s fathers in their regular lives. And above the Rector was Nuestro Padrewho would drop in occasionally, bringing relief from the daily routine. For Nuestro Padre was the Founder, a Spiritually Gifted Man of God. When he was with the community, everything was special and improved, including richer food, more games and recreation, movies and special excursions. To top it all off he would also celebrate a Solemn Mass, flanked by the Rector and Prefects.

The greatest privilege of all was to go to confession to Nuestro Padre, because he was so close to God and he knew God?s Will for you. So you were sure you would get the right answer to your questions and doubts, especially regarding your vocation to serve God in the Legion

The Brother Bursar took care of one?s material needs. The Padre Prefect took care of one?s studies, discipline and ordinary religious life. Nuestro Padre took care of one?s spiritual needs, and what a privilege it was to have him around, he, the Founder, inspired directly by God, with a direct line to the Holy Spirit, a Living Saint, who could read your soul and guide you along the paths of the Lord.

Total Transparency and Complete Truest in your Superior is an essential element of Legion Spirit and Mystique, and this was heightened in the case of Nuestro Padre. The Apostolics opened up to and totally trusted this Other Christwith their histories, trials and tribulations. Many a tear was shed during those confessions and spiritual directions in the Legion the distinction if often blurred. Tears of relief after unburdening one?s soul, tears of gratitude, maybe even of tenderness as the boy felt Gods forgiveness through Nuestro Padre?s loving care. [As a young Legionary I read a booklet written by Fr. Javier Tena,LC, one of the first Apostolics from Mexico. Called Nuestro Padre in my Child Soul, ‘Nuestro Padre en mi alma de Nino’, it described in idyllic terms the Apostolic?s life.

I had the privilege of going to confession to Nuestro Padre for the first time before my Religious Profession in Salamanca, September, 1962 [I was 18 and 10 months old]. By then my Spanish was good enough. Together with my 7 Irish cofounder companions I took my temporal vows after only one year Novitiate ??mine mostly in crisis [major depressive episode?], interpreted as my own personal dark night of the soul. It was suggested to me by my spiritual director/superior that I make a general confession to Nuestro Padre to take advantage of the special graces I would thus receive through the Founder and as the best way to prepare me for the religious life.

During the relatively uneventful and sheltered life I had lived before entering the Holy Novitiate at age 17, I had accumulated two sins against purity which troubled my somewhat scrupulous conscience and about which I felt very ashamed. Before entering the Legion I had unloaded one to a Carmelite friar at St. Teresas Clarendon St., Dublin.

In fear and trembling I unloaded the 2nd to Nuestro Padre, Man of God. I do not recall any earth-shattering advice or apocalyptic revelation. I felt he was kind. At the end, I kissed the end of his stole as a sign of reverence and gratitude. He may have brushed my cheek with the tassel in a fatherly way. I experienced a great sense of relief because I had been able to get rid of that sin. I dont remember any advice. Now, I had no sin on my soul, I was free through the Sacrament of Confession, and I was ready to take on my vows. My interviewer Fernando insists, was there nothing, not the slightest sexual innuendo in this encounter with Fr Maciel? No, nothing. And you were not aware of any abuse going on around you as appears from the testimonies of others? Non whatsoever.

Against the background of the two dozen testimonies of sexual abuse from the 40s and 50s, and those which are beginning to appear regarding the 60s-70s, why was I and others so totally unaware? Could it be that Fr. Maciel is a Master of the Game of secret societies, with their isolated concentric circles of information/power? Maciel in the middle surrounded by a first cadre of unconditionals who silently acquiesce to his power? Only The Master knows everything. The unconditionals know more than the following circle, and so on. Those within the circle of abuse are isolated from the community at large, which is totally oblivious to what goes on behind the infirmary door? Reading the chilling descriptions in John Le Carres A Perfect Spy, and Solzhenitsyns Gulag Archipelago regarding secrecy, isolation and control might lead to such speculations…

One Legionary in pastoral ministry in Sacramento, CA, got into hot water a few years ago for questioning a child about his/her sexual problems. The Legion solution? Send him back to the Quintana Roo Mission? My question is: What about the Maya children? Are they not important? From this and other documented testionies there seems to be a recurring theme of Legion Spiritual Director/Superiors inquiring into students sexual experience. A THOROUGH HISTORY OF SEXUAL EXPERIENCE SEEMS TO BE PART OF A CANDIDATE’S SCREENING, CARRIED OUT BY LEGIONARIES SUCH AS FR OWEN KEARNS AND OTHERS. How vulnerable these children and adolescents are to abuse by unscrupulous, inquisitive, curious, prying, probing and potentially abusive superiors! Aren’t the ‘examiners’ in danger of giving in to their own prurient curiosity? Isn’t there a grave danger of such intimate material being used against the candidate in the future, through the Legion system of unprotected communication between superiors?

Think of all the Apostolics, Candidates and Novices that opened their histories and hearts to Nuestro Padre! Did he pry into their vulnerable souls? Did they feel obliged and privileged to tell him everything about themselves? Did he ask about their difficulties with Holy Purity? Did he ever overstep his boundaries with any of them? Did he walk through the doors that they in their naiveté left open, full of gullibility, innocence and trust?

When I recall now that confession with Nuestro Padre, in the light of allegations of sexual impropriety, I tremble. I am overcome with a sense of revulsion and of relief. Did the sin that I confessed somehow immunize me against improper approaches from Nuestro Padre and other Legionary Superiors? This is not idle speculation, as you will see from the following.

By all it is well known that a ‘new’ Vatican Investigation into Fr Maciel’s sexual abuse of his first seminarians is presently underway. This is separate from the 1956-58 wider investigation into his drug use, abuse of power and questionable relationships with his seminarians, carried out by the Sacred Congregation for Religious. I am not saying that the present investigator does not have access to the old archives. This investigation is being carried out by the Promotor of Justice for the Congregation for the Faith, a separate Vatican department with greater powers to sanction. As the investigation of the original 8 accusers was underway, more men from that generation and the following came forward, particularly in Mexico City during early April 2005 [see Regain Press Release and corresponding articles].

As I prepared to attend a conference in Madrid in mid July a shocking revelation was made to me by one of my Irish co-founder colleagues, in the sense that he too had been sexually abused by Father Maciel from 1962-1969. This allegation, out of the blue and totally ‘incomtaminated by’ the other accusations, is being clarified and researched by reporters, and has been reported to Monsignor Scicluna, the Vatican Prosecutor. I am not at liberty to disclose further information. This fact doubly impacts me: it proves that Fr Maciel’s sexual abuse did not stop with the early generations; and it brings the abuse even closer to home for me because I know the abused personally, we trained together, and I have even less reason to doubt the facts. It also prompts speculation regarding whether extensive sexual abuse by the Founder may have spawned an epidemic in the Legion and whether such abuse is now endemic to or widespread in the Institution.

What therapeutic skill do these Prefects, Teachers and Directors possess? Are they trained in Spiritual Guidance? By what institute? Are they trained in counseling and psychotherapy? Have they had the necessary background checks for someone closely involved in the education of minors? Remember, ONE EPISODE OF ABUSE WOUNDS A CHILD FOREVER!

At least two periods of serious sexual abuse has been documented regarding the Legion Apostolic School in Ontaneda, Santander, Spain. Isolated cases of sexual abuse have been reported about the New Hampshire Apostolic School. Testimonies exist regarding sexual abuse in the Irish Novitiate.

[From a posting on the discussion board:]

‘Protecting God’s Children’ – Virtus Program
mikeinnj – 9/14/2005 at 05:17 PM

Many (if not most) dioceses in the US now require abuse awareness training for all clergy, teachers, staff, volunteers through the Protecting God’s Children – Virtus program (which, by the way, I find very informative). Considering the large numbers of RC programs for children and young people, and the highly visible contact with young people that the LC has, are the LC’s/RC’s getting this same training that other Catholics around the US are REQUIRED to do? This would include teachers in LC/RC run schools. Are the bishops in those dioceses where there is an LC/RC presence making sure this training is taking place, especially for RC people working with kids? Or does the LC/RC consider themselves exempt from or above all this?



Even if the above considerations regarding the danger of sexual abuse and assault fall on deaf parental ears, Church Leaders still need to carefully review the Legion training system in the light of the official and authorized doctrine of the Catholic Church for seminaries. We respectfully submit that, besides the above mentioned dangers, there are other problems at Legion Minor Seminaries. Because of the lack of space, I will simply underline [uppercasing] some aspects. I am shocked to see how some BISHOPS seem to be turning a blind eye to gaping STRUCTURAL DISCREPANCIES, or at least potential dangers, in the Legion system. The following teaching’s last paragraph also shows Catholic parents that the traditional minor seminary or apostolic school is NOT THE ONLY OR BEST WAY to foster priestly vocations.

On another, though related, note, it is a crying shame that exiting members from the Legion and the Regnum Christi -particularly women- often do not have properly validated studies, thus unduly prolonging and jeopardizing their recovery process.

In minor seminaries erected to develop the seeds of vocations, the students should be prepared by special religious formation, particularly through appropriate spiritual direction, to follow Christ the Redeemer with generosity of spirit and purity of heart. Under the fatherly direction of the superiors, and with the proper COOPERATION OF THE PARENTS, their daily routine should be in accord with the age, the character and the stage of development of adolescence and fully adapted to the NORMS OF A HEALTHY PSYCHOLOGY. Nor should the fitting opportunity be lacking for social and cultural contacts and for CONTACT WITH ONE’S OWN FAMILY.

Moreover, whatever is decreed in the following paragraphs about major seminaries is also be adapted to the minor seminary to the extent that it is in accord with its purpose and structure. Also, STUDIES UNDERTAKEN BY THE STUDENTS SHOULD BE SO ARRANGED THAT THEY CAN EASILY CONTINUE SHOULD THEY CHOOSE A DIFFERENT STATE OF LIFE.

With equal concern the seeds of vocations among adolescents and young men are also to be fostered in those SPECIAL INSTITUTES, which in accord with local circumstances, serve the purpose of a minor seminary as well as among those who are trained in OTHER SCHOOLS or by OTHER EDUCATIONAL MEANS. Finally, those institutions and other schools initiated for those with a belated vocation are to be carefully developed.

[Decree on Priestly Training, number 3, II Vatican Council]

Macielism Lives – LC Priest Fr. Peter F. Byrne L.C. Apologizes For Legion Behavior

Life-After-RC Click Here has provided an English translation of a letter submitted by a Legionary priest, Peter Byrne apologizing to Msgr Justo for calumnies and lies that he suffered at the hands of the founder of his congregation, the Legionaries of Christ and his collaborators.

The letter, dated April 22, 2012 expresses a feeling of shame Father Byrne experienced on behalf of his congregation.

The writer goes on to say that macielism has not yet been banished in the Legion and offers his opinion that those who did cooperate with the founder are still being covered for. He provides examples of ways in which the old leaders continue the same lack of transparency and dishonesty that they learned from the founder. Father Byrne states that seminarians are still taught that their founder, Father Marcial Maciel was a prophet and that they still are obliged to have a vow of humility? that binds them to denounce their Legionary brothers.

ReGAIN Comment:
For anyone inside or outside the Legion or Regnum Christi who wishes to see true reform, this letter reveals several indications that there is little or no will for positive change in the Legion. One statement from the letter reads as follows:

Without impunity, seminarians in Rome are still taught that Maciel was a prophet. They still have a vow of humility by which religious swear before God to denounce their brothers.

Pope Benedict XVI referred to the Legion founder as a false prophet. The Vatican communique stated that he was unscrupulous and without religious sentiment. If the Legionary leadership is indeed continuing to encourage seminarians to in any way continue to idolize their false prophet? founder there is little hope that the reform process is moving in a positive direction. Jesus taught that we should beware of false prophets?. (Matthew 7:15)

It is disturbing to hear that the practice of informing on fellow seminarians who break Legionary rules is still happening. This is a typical method of mind control that is used by typical destructive cult groups to force people to discourage individuality.

The letter goes on to say:
the majority of the macielistic leadership continues to govern the Legion and with the same contrivances that they learned from the founder: falsified elections, half truths, clarifications? of Vatican authorities, lack of transparency in economic affairs, and, overall, blindness towards those who were harmed by the crimes of this man and his followers.

And further on:
The hope was that those who covered up for Maciel within the congregation and inside the Vatican would be barred from office. It is painful that the suggestion was not considered opportune and the majority of those who signed the letter have now left the congregation?

The letter written by Peter Burne, LC, who remains on the inside demonstrates anew that there has been little change in the attitudes and cult like practices that have prevailed not just during Father Maciel’s decades of leadership but continuing right up to the present moment. Had this letter been written in isolation it might be considered simply as an expression of one person’s opinions and feelings. Taken together with the many similar letters written by disillusioned Legionaries and consecrated Regnum Christi women since the major scandal broke in 2009 it makes a discouraging statement of the present state of affairs. Even under the watchful eye of the Vatican the same old ways and attitudes prevail.

The letter serves to demonstrate that those Legionaries who really wanted reform have left and that one main reason why they departed was because they got tired of waiting as the foxes retained their tight control of the hen house.

Macielism lives on through the leaders who were selected and formed by the false prophet.

This raises a question for those whose lives are controlled within the LC / RC system:

If the teachings and practices of a false prophet have withstood several Vatican investigations and continue while a Vatican delegate with sweeping powers presides and as those who wished for changes head for the exit doors, what will the environment be like after the constitutions are rewritten and the commissioner leaves?

Legionary Spin Foiled Again

Legionaries Apologize That They Acted Too Late

Very recently Associated Press stated that the Legion confirmed it had referred seven cases of alleged abuse to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith This statement from the Legion gave the impression that the Legion was on top of the situation and was cooperating with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
According to the AVLCRC, Asociacion de Ayuda a los Afectados por la Ensenanzas del Grupo Religioso Legionarios de Cristo “Association of Help for those affected by the teaching of the religious group Legionaries of Christ” they (not the Legion) were the ones who reported to the CDF regarding the abuse by the seven Legionary priests. According to this Spanish victims’ group, they reported the abuse two years ago to the head of the Legion, Father Alvaro Corcuera. When he failed to respond, they reported it to Cardinal DePaolis, who is overseeing the reform process. Then, when he failed to take action, they went to the CDF (Congregations for the Doctrine of the Faith) in the Vatican.

As news agencies began to report this story another bombshell dropped. The most visible Legionary priest, Rev Thomas D Williams, Legionary moral theologian, TV personality and author of more than a dozen books, including one called Knowing Right From Wrong: A Christian Guide to Conscience. admitted that he had fathered a child some time ago. There were few details provided.

ReGAIN sources (unconfirmed) have provided some information that the incident most likely happened around 2000, when Father Williams was rector at Legionary headquarters in Rome, Via Aurelia 677 (the same place where Father Maciel had abused seminarians). As rector, he would have had much more freedom of movement than the regular members, who had to abide by the community rules.

Apparently, Father Williams has denied that it was one of his students or anyone under his spiritual direction. Was it then a daughter of a benefactor perhaps or a daughter of a Regnum Christi member, or a visitor or someone from a prominent Catholic family? Was she married or single? These sort of details are being kept secret because of privacy concerns for those involved.

We share Cardinal DePaolis’ concern for the private lives involved in this new scandal and we also share in his relief that this time there were no laws broken (i.e. no children molested). Being human, we can’t help but wonder about some of the details as questions go through our minds about who the mother is, what is her relationship to the Regnum Christi Movement and how old is she, was she married or single. It is becoming more difficult to keep secrets these days when things do happen.

Reuters Click Here for Reuters Article has identified that the Legion and Cardinal DePaolis knew for months about Father Williams having fathered a child. Most people are willing to forgive the handsome, irresistible Father Williams for being possibly victimized by some seductive beautiful young lady. Even Cardinal DePaolis has shown acceptance of Father William’s indiscretions by his statement: There is a need to be careful in cases like this. It concerns a private life. These things happen these days, unfortunately.

Yes, these things do happen and we are all sinners. However, more shocking than the story of the Legion’s most prominent and visible theologian having fathered a child is the obvious conclusion that the Legion did whatever was necessary to cover up the facts for as long as they could.

Based on the Reuters story, Cardinal Velasio De Paolis said I found out about it this yearWhen asked (by Reuters) if he meant since the beginning of this year, he said yes.

In a later report May 17 by the Catholic News Agency Click Here the Legion apologized for not acting more quickly in the case of Father Thomas Williams.

There is a parallel here to the way things unfolded in 2009. The Legionary founder, Father Marcial Maciel had been disgraced twice by the Vatican, first in 2006 when he was advised to lead a quiet life of repentance and prayer and no longer practice his priesthood or speak publically and again after he died when the Vatican communique was issued in May 2010 following investigations to determine what effect his actions had had on the Legion structure.

The Legion at the time decided they could no longer defend their founder’s name. However, they carefully chose their words about his transgressions to focus on the long and stable relationship that he had with a woman. They were extremely tight lipped about any mention of molestation of children who had been in his care even though a significant number of ex Legionaries had been seeking justice for decades. The Legion tried to concentrate focus on the (relatively normal and acceptable) relationship that he had with a woman.

There were only a few days between the release of the recent (May 2012) story about charges of sexual abuse of minors by Legionary priests and the admissions by Father Williams that he had impregnated a woman. Is it a coincidence that the images of children being sexually molested by a number of Legionary priests was (again) quickly washed away by the image of one of the most handsome Legionary priests having a moment of weakness with a woman? Certainly it is easier for us to forgive in our hearts the popular Legionary favorite than it is to forgive seven unknown priests that some might think of as lechers, who took advantage of innocent children.

Is the reform working? Have the old guard Legionary leaders who remain in positions of authority to this day had a change of heart and truly picked up the spirit of reform? So far we have seen very little evidence that there is any desire to change. On the other hand there has been a lot of evidence to show that spin control and damage control teams are keeping themselves quite busy.

Piecing together a chronology of the reports we have heard, it appears that events proceeded something like this:

Fr’s indiscretion happened around 2000 when he was rector at the Legion headquarters in Rome, Via Aurelia 677 *#40;the same place where in the 1950’s Fr. Maciel had abused his seminarians*#41;. As rector he would have had much more freedom of movement than regular members having to abide by ‘community rules’.

Who was the woman? He denied it was a student of his or a person under his spiritual direction; is he telling the truth? If not them who? Not a prostitute. What other females could he meet? A daughter of a benefactor, daughter of a member of the Regnum Christi, daughter of a visitor, prominent Catholic family…?

when superiors find out about it around that time they take him out of Rome and send to Cheshire waiting for things to cool down. Legion does ‘damage control’ with girl’s parents.

When the coast is clear Fr. William returns to Rome and resumes his regular duties, things go back to normal until somebody spills the beans to the CDF which takes it seriously; Legion is approached by AP regarding the accusation; they make Fr. W fess up and take the rap.

This helps to take the pressure off the pedophile charges against other priests; just like they tried to have Maciel’s mistresses take the heat of his pedophilia “that kind of backfired”

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