Legion Empire Crumbling?

According to a recent report from Patrick Madrid (to see article – Click Here the Legion is falling on hard times since the exposure of the disgraced founder?s fraudulent lifestyle. American Legionary priests are abandoning the order, and “thousands of disheartened and disillusioned lay members of Regnum Christi have likewise bolted” as vocations and donations are “way, way down”.

According to the article “waves of layoffs have hit the lay employees of the order’s many lay apostolates and business ventures”.

Circle Media, the Legion’s U.S. publishing entity has disappeared along with other Legionary owned and operated ventures. Significantly, the Legion is expected to soon announce the sale of the National Catholic Register as well as Catholic Faith and Family, both of which they have owned since 1995.

Enrolments in apostolic schools have been dwindling and some of Legion’s American holdings are being sold off.

ReGAIN Comment:
Will the Legion leaders eventually realize that if they want to rebuild, they need to change their policies and attitudes? Now, two years after the exposure of the fraudulent and criminal lifestyle of their founder, the Legion has not shown a will to change. They seem to have accepted that their founder generally did some bad things but they have been loathe to identify specific acts, other than the obvious things that were exposed when his mistresses and children became publicly known. They have not publicly acknowledged the faults in their present structure that are an embarrassment to the Church.

The Legion leaders have outwardly expressed a willingness to do whatever the Vatican orders them to do (but not necessarily anything beyond what is forced on them). Otherwise, they have failed to demonstrate a willingness to make corrections to the structure and policies of the Legion and Regnum Christi to overcome the shortcomings identified in the May 1, 2010 Vatican communique. Their actions over the last two years have shown that they wish to cling to their old ways and simply blame all current woes on their founder.

The Vatican identified a “need to review the exercise of authority, which must be linked to truth, in order to respect conscience and develop in the light of the Gospel as authentic ecclesial service”.
It may be possible that these issues are being addressed behind the scenes but if so we would expect that it would only happen if they are squeezed hard enough by the Vatican. In the meantime, there are signs that the Legion empire is crumbling.”

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