“Whitewashing History” Part II of Jason Berry’s December 2010 Article

Jason Berry continues with his constructive criticism of the Vatican’s handling of the Legionary scandal and singles out one of Fr Maciel’s former defenders, George Weigel, who together with other of the disgraced founder’s defenders failed to interview the men who had come forth regarding their sexual abuse by Fr Maciel. Jason Berry points out that although George Weigel has recently become a critic of the Legion and one of the leading conservative voices to call for Legion reform. However, Jason Berry claims that George Weigel continues to sanitize the past by being overprotective of the role played by Pope John Paul II, former Secretary of State Angelo Sodano and others in their support of Fr Maciel.

Jason Berry goes on to explain some details of Vatican politics and how they relate to the current situation in bringing reform to the Legion.

To see Part I1 of Jason Berry’s Article in the NCR article <a href=http://ncronline.org/news/accountability/george-weigel-whitewashing-history>Whitewashing History</a>

<b>ReGAIN Editorial Comment</b>:

Jason Berry avers that the overall situation with the Legion and Regnum Christi is about far more than just Maciel. ReGAIN wishes to see reform and justice served regarding the Legion and Regnum Christi and all of those persons who have been negatively affected. Although we do not necessarily agree with every one of Jason Berry’s comments, we agree with him that Vatican politics has complicated the overall situation.

However, the Catholic Church has finally made progress in finally opening up such a horrendous Pandora’s Box and we have become increasingly concerned that the Church seems to be wavering now that they have a perfect opportunity to do the right thing.

We offer kudos to Jason Berry, who has shown courage, integrity and honesty by making statements that are uncomfortable and that have been mostly left unsaid by other writers and leaders. We hope that others will be inspired to follow his example to seek out and report the truth no matter how uncomfortable it may be in the interests of bringing a just resolution for all those who have been and continue to be harmed by past and current self serving members of the Legion.

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