Power Money and Mind Control

Could power, money and mind control be the missing charisms for the Legion and for Regnum Christi? The New Oxford Review opines that these “three concepts best describe the modus operandi of the Legion.”

The article confirms recent statements made by the Associated Press regarding the voluntary renouncement of decision making capacity leading to a “zombie” like existence and mentions the excessive power that has been concentrated in the hands of two leaders, particularly Luis Garza Medina. It describes the difficulties facing Cardinal Designate DePaolis as he moves ahead with his mission to resurrect the Legion (and Regnum Christi) and questions how they will be able to attract new members.

An excellent example was provided of the power plays that were utilised by Fr. Maciel and his very powerful and influential associates, including the heads of multinational companies and politicians who went to great lengths to save Fr. Maciel?s reputation and keep the truth from becoming publicly aired in Mexico.

To read the New Oxford Review article:
Click Here

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