Protecting Your Daughter From Regnum Christi

Practical guidelines for dealing with young loved ones who are considering formation in the Regnum Christi Movement

The Regnum Christi Movement is about to have their own Vatican investigation, which the members requested following the recent investigation into the Legion of Christ and the Vatican appointing a commissioner to take over and implement reforms.

Are the so-called consecrated (3gf) women of Regnum Christi brides of Christ? Are they even truly consecrated in the same way nuns and members of other religious orders are? Do they have a religious vocation? Are they provided with adequate opportunity to discern their calling?

Dierdre Mundy explores these questions and others in her blog MommyWrites based on her personal knowledge and experience. She explains some of the pitfalls of making a major commitment of dedicating ones life to an organization that is currently under investigation with an uncertain future in an environment where there is no protection offered by the Church. She provides solid information and practical advice for those who have loved ones who might be considering joining Regnum Christi and offers different strategies depending on whether your loved one is under 18 years of age or older.

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