Letter to the Editor of the New York Times

Papal Midnight Mass


From: Rev. Robert M. Hoatson
Re: Papal Midnight Mass
Date: December 24, 2005


It was shocking to hear the American Archbishop John Foley, who translated into English the televised Midnight Mass from Rome, announce to the audience that all the altar servers at the Mass were members of the Legionaries of Christ religious order. After all, the founder of the Legionaries, Rev. Maciel Degollado, has been accused of sexually abusing several members of the order, especially young boys. Besides Fr. Maciel, other members of the order have been accused of sexual abuse throughout the world, including Mexico, Spain, and Ireland. It seems that the Papal Mass organizers should have had greater sensitivity to the orders’ victims. The organization ReGain was formed in the United States to assist Fr. Maciel’s victims and to assist others who have left the order to regain their sense of stability and sanity.

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