Letter to Fr. Neuhaus and Orthodox Catholics Regarding Sexual Abuse Investigation of Fr. Maciel, Legion of Christ Founder

By An Orthodox Catholic


April 30, 2005

From exlegionaries.com discussion board.



I have to say it is a huge relief that they are investigating Marcial Maciel. I have felt like an ecclesial Cassandra (not that I’m mythic) on the whole issue of the abuse crisis. Way before it exploded in the U.S., anyone who did any reading on it would know where the whole mess was heading.

With the Legion two factors came into play: assuming that “orthodoxy� can prevent such perversity, and the fear of persecuting a saint. That’s why “Orthodox� Catholics often had no problem condemning U.S. bishops or priests but would defend the cassock-wearing encyclical-quoting Legion. This is the type of thinking: “after all wasn’t Padre Pio accused of sexual misconduct.�

I must admit I am furious with Rev. Neuhaus and George Weigel. They put their concern for orthodoxy above their concern for children and their common sense. As a believing Catholic, I have to admit arguments such as Neuhaus’ Feathers of Scandal really cut deep.

I know people who were abused by priests. I have priest friends who would agree with us who know people who were abused by priests. They even know of suicides caused by the abuse. Unfortunately these compassionate priests would be regarded as “not Catholic enough� by the Marcial Maciel fans.

The Church, because of the “never say a bad thing about a priest� and the “scandal is the worst evil, even greater than child abuse� has been the perfect hideout for depraved, pathological liars.

The Cardinal Groer case is the perfect parallel to Maciel.
I started to have some hope about this issue when Bishop Kurt Krenn had to step down after his response to the scandal in his seminary in Austria. As you will recall he was also a defender of Groer.


Hurt, Disgusted, Sorrowful and HOPEFUL

My only consolation is in the words of Our Lord, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be consoled.�

I wish you would forward this to Fr. Neuhaus.

See responses to Fr. Neuhaus’s ‘Feathers of Scandal’ on this webpage:

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